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Below you will find a short description of the campaigns and projects we are associated with, promote or actively initiate. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information or wish to get involved.

The Volunteer-Network Project

The project aims to create a volunteer network of local conservation groups from around the world. The network is intended to increase the exchange of ideas and improve communication between groups that might not otherwise work together.The project is particularly seeking to link small isolated groups in developing countries that are willing to cooperate with similar groups and share their volunteer force to reach their individual goals.Each group that joins in increases the strength of the network and ultimately the overall effectiveness by their combined actions.


New Environmentalist Young Photographer of the Year Award

dsc00378 This competition is designed to encourage the younger generation into wildlife or environmental photography and is free to enter for those aged 18 and under.Our judges are looking for out of the ordinary images of wildlife, from landscapes to safaris, from city wildlife to holiday photos. The photos should demonstrate awareness, understanding and an interest in the chosen subject. Most of all, the photos should celebrate the excitement of life in any given form.The winner and runner ups will be awarded photography equipment and vouchers. Full terms and conditions to follow.



Campaign against Climate Change

The New Environmentalist site has been launched in December 2009 as a direct response to the failures of the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit. We strongly believe that anything short of a legally binding agreement is simply not good enough if we are to stop climate change. We are therefore committed to campaigning for a binding agreement and our volunteers are currently working on our own response to the summit.
The start point of our campaign was “The Wave” march in London on the 5th December 2009, please see our Media page [ click here ]

Update – January 2012

Durban, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Beyond Durban or saving tomorrow, tomorrow The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) from Durban 2011 ended with a common decision to adopt a legally binding agreement on climate change no later than 2015, to be fully implemented by 2020. However, just a day later Canada has pull out with Russia supporting their decision.Read more here.Durban – last chance saloon? Nearly 200 nations will come together for the event, but what are the reactions so far? Is the outcome already decided before consultations have even started? While the politicians clearly have plenty of time to argue on emission cutbacks, the concern here is that the climate has not.Our Campaign against Climate Change focuses this week on the Durban Convention, starting on Mon. 29th November. Read more here.


The New Environmentalist Cycling Campaign

This campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of cycling as an alternative means of transport in urban environments.By encouraging people to cycle more, rather than driving, we can all live healthier lives while at the same reducing pollution and benefiting the planet.We hope our campaign will motivate and encourage local groups.We seek partnerships with similar groups and aim to take part in cycling events throughout UK.2010 was our second year of taking part in the London Bikeathon, which aims to promote cycling in London, while raising money for charity.You can join our team in the 2011 London Bikeathon here.We have been inspired and motivated in this campaign by one of our Senior Advisors and veteran cyclist: Ricardo Simon.He is currently attempting to cycle a full circle along the boarders of Brazil to raise awareness of the need to encourage cycling in urban environments.Click here for the photos New Environmentalist Cycling Campaign


Individual projects by our Members:

By Jacques Grey, MSc, BSc

Jacques’s thesis can be downloaded directly from Imperial College at: http://www.iccs.org.uk/thesis/consci/msc09-grey,jacques.pdf
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