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Our goal is to encourage and actively promote volunteering in the environmental conservation sector worldwide. We believe the best way to volunteer is with the help of small, local groups as an alternative to large international companies that are mostly profit orientated. This is why we are offering our partner volunteer groups their own space on our website to freely promote themselves in the UK. The Society is run by volunteers who mostly share a common academic background in environmental conservation; however we welcome any volunteers with or without experience who share our passion for the environment. Our group formation was also a direct response to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit and its disappointing end. The lack of binding agreement promotes us to continue campaigning for the responsible parties to act on climate change. The Wave March in London was the first demonstration covered by our photo and filming crew [ click here ]


Ion Holban

is the Founder and Administrator of The New Environmentalist Society. Ion holds a BSc in Environmental Conservation from Birkbeck College, University of London. Ion has been involved in conservation and volunteering for several years and believes that the environmental sector is still lacking a strong network of specialised local volunteer groups while far too many international companies are charging over the top for their services, with little or no impact locally. Ion is currently working on creating a network of small volunteer groups in developing countries that are willing to cooperate with other groups and share their volunteer force to achieve similar goals (Volunteer-Network.com).

Siobhan Carleton-Green

is our Communications Manager. Siobhan is a wildlife and conservation enthusiast, currently studying Journalism. Growing up in the south of Spain she was able to work along side Sunseed Desert Technologies and “Altered Natives” Eco Farm based in the south of Spain where she volunteered as a worker and as a tour guide explaining the solar technology and the arid land cultivation. From London, Siobhan coordinates our projects and consolidates our contacts with our partners worldwide.

Ciprian Diaconita

is our IT wizard. Ciprian designed our logo and is behind all the codes and scripts hiding in our website. He is also a keen environmentalist and is currently studying for a BSc in Environmental Management in London.

Thiago Campos

is our Senior Advisor on Climate Change. He has a strong interest in tropical forests, especially tree canopies and has taken part in a number of volunteer projects in Brazil and UK, such as SOS Mata Atlantica and WSPA respectively. Thiago is currently helping us expand our volunteer network in Brazil while studying for an MSc in Climate Change Management in London. He holds a BSc in Environmental Management and a postgraduate in NGO’s Management from Brazil, where he has worked as an Environmental Consultant and managed an organisation specialising in waste management projects.

Kirsty Floyd

is our Media Manager, after being a volunteer with the New Environmentalist Society since its inception. Kirsty moved to England in 2003 after growing up in Zimbabwe, a place that gave her not only her passion for photography and wildlife but a drive to do what she can for the environment. Having recently completed a Diploma in Photography course with the Photography Institute in London, Kirsty will be supervising our media projects in the coming months.

Yibo Hu

is our China and Oceania Manager. Yibo holds a Bachelors in Science Degree from Otago University in New Zealand and a Masters Degree from Australia National University. Yibo has several years of international volunteering experience with various United Nations NGOs, as well as engaging with local conservation projects in China, New Zealand and Australia. In her spare time, Yibo is a keen travel writer, contributing to magazines including National Geographic Traveler and Esquire and combining rich traveling knowledge, environmental concerns and cultural issues into her articles.


Ricardo N Simon

is our Senior Advisor for Brazil. Ricardo is a keen marine conservationist and a passionate advocate of cycling as an alternative mode of transportation in urban environments. He holds a BSc in Environmental Conservation from Birkbeck College, University of London, and has volunteered with several organizations, including the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust in Scotland. He has also worked for the TAMAR sea turtle conservation project in Brazil. He is currently working on a new campaign to highlight the health and environmental benefits of cycling.

Daniel Hercock

is our Senior Advisor for the UK, responsible for coordinating most of our UK local volunteer groups. He has a BSc in Environmental Conservation and he is a close friend and former colleague of Ion Holban at Birkbeck College, University of London. Daniel has a passion for wildlife and has worked and volunteered for various conservation organisations including, most recently, the RSPB as a warden at the UK’s largest Little Tern colony and The London Wildlife Trusts Watervole project.

Mircea Victor Budaca

is our Senior Advisor for Canada, based in Toronto. Mircea has volunteered for several local conservation projects in Canada and the UK and he is currently applying his experience into designing environmental-friendly homes and commercial properties. Mircea is about to finish his George Brown College Diploma in architecture technology, while looking to apply his volunteer experience in addressing environmental concerns of today.

Krisztina Veres

is our Ethical Products and Cosmetics Advisor. She has been involved in animal protection since childhood, and started as a high school member of a small environmental group. Krisztina later qualified as a teacher of Italian language and literature and has worked for a number of international companies including Benetton and Curver, while also volunteering in local shelters. As an Ethical Product Advisor, Krisztina searches to promote consumer awareness of everyday products and their impact on our wellbeing, community and the environment.

Thea Theodora Dumitrescu

is the newest member to join our team as an Advisor on socio-environmental issues. She has a BA in Anthropology from Goldsmiths, University of London. She has recently been involved in several projects, both in UK and Romania, on issues such as mining and fracking. Her main focus is how environmental issues affect the social structures within communities, expressed through photo and media projects.

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