Where does our Soya comes from?

If you are reading this then you are part of an increasing number of people buying soya products. Chances are that you could be a vegetarian that either for health or environmental reasons is considering soya as an alternative source of protein to meat. At New Environmentalist we want to encourage people to lower their carbon footprint and eat less meat, but is soya a viable alternative? We thought it would be interesting to see where the mainstream supermarkets got the Soya for their own brand vegetarian products, and we have also asked two producers that specialise in Soya and vegetarian products. The two questions that we asked were: 1. Where is the Soya grown? And 2. Is it non-genetically modified? Read full article HERE !


Beyond Durban or saving tomorrow, tomorrow

Durban, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change The United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNCCC) from Durban 2011 ended with a common decision to adopt a legally binding agreement on climate change no later than 2015, to be fully implemented by 2020. However, just a day later Canada has pull out with Russia supporting their decision.Read more here.


The London Duathlon, 11th September 2011

The New Environmentalist “Sprint” team was proud to take part in this year’s London Duathlon, in the Challenge Relay category. The London event is the world’s largest duathlon held annually in Richmond Park, south-west London, with thousands of participants. Ion started the Relay with a challenging 10km run, Ciprian then took over with two fast laps around Richmond Park (22km in the rain) and Siobhan crossed the finishing line with a fast 5km run and a blistering sprint to the line. The result was a well deserved 7th place (out of more than 80 teams competing), with an overall time of 1 hour and 52 min. Click here for more pictures.


Alter Natives Eco Farm

Siobhan and a few of our volunteers travelled to Almeria for a week at an Eco Farm: the Alter Natives, a family run venture that uses sustainable technologies to grow organic vegetables in a part of Spain that is more famous for its semi-arid desert and western movies than the unexpected fruit and vegetables.Click here for the full article.


Wildlife and Conservation Issues at Newton St Loe

img_4159 Lauren Tucker is our youngest volunteer Media Advisor at only 17 years old but her passion for wildlife, photography and local conservation issues has really impressed us and we are looking forward Lauren’s future work. This article focuses on the conservation issues around the village of Newton St Loe.Click here for the full article.
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