The Romanian Government declines to discuss the issue of DN 66A

Press release by Agent Green – Câmpușel, Hunedoara county – July, 27th 2010



More organisations have joined the resistance camp to stop the road

The resistance camp built last Thursday to save the Last Intact Forestry Landscape in temperate Europe continues despite local authorities pressing the participants to quit, and the ministries involved refusing to talk with the organisers. “We have invited local authorities, the Presidency, the Ministry of the Environment, Tourism and Transport to meet us and discuss the issues behind DN 66A, but none of them came. Just one representative from APM Gorj (Environmental Protection Agency for Gorj District) attended the meeting but he himself has no powers to take any decisions. I believe the authorities have realised that they do not posess any solid sargument to sustain this crime against nature. We will continue our protest until the Minister for the Environment decides to stop the road”, says Gabriel Paun, Chairmen of Agent Green.

In the last few days volunteers from “Save the Danube and its Delta”, “Sighisoara Everlasting”, “Pro Democracy Club Lupeni-Valea Jiului Branch”, “Bat Protection Association”, “SOR” and “The Romanian Society of Herpetology” have joined the protest. Additionally, for shorter periods, we are joined by both private people and tourists who have joined our cause. The petition to stop DN 66A already has 1974 signatures and the facebook page has 3105 international followers.

“We heard of the protest on DN 66A, we’ve left our campaign and have come with four volunteers to help our colleagues from Agent Green in saving the Retezat mountains from the concrete” said Rucsandra Galateanu from “Save the Danube and its Delta”.

“We have rallied in joining the protest to prove that the locals of Valea Jiului choose eco-tourism as an alternative to mining and environmental destruction, as a long term goal for many of the locals. If we protect the uniqueness of this place, we will increase our chances to build a sustainable future” says Mihaela Ghiuca, APD Club Lupeni – Valea Jiului.

“I am from the area where the road is being built, and I am aware that people might see the road as a potentially beneficial to the economical development of the area. They are however not aware of the major impact this will have on the environment. The action which should really be started here from the Ministry of the Environment is the conservation and the protection of the area. The natural beauty of the area should not be looked at from a car, it should be explored from the inside of the forest” says Aurel Gheorghe, from the Vulcan district who has signed the petition to stop DN 66A.

The Environmental organisations request from Mr Borbely, the Minister for the Environment to permanently stop the construction of DN 66A.

For more information contact:

Luminița TĂNĂSIE, Program Manager, WWF România, tel: 0730 098722, email:

Gabriel PAUN, Presedinte of Agent Green, tel: 0744351977, email:

Janos MARK-NAGY, Ecologist, Societatea Carpatina Ardeleana, 0721 514137, e-mail:

Tamas PAPP, Presedinte of Grupul Milvus, tel: 0720 530117, email:

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