World Environment Day “celebrated” in Romania by abandoning four of its National Parks


In a leaked internal memo revealed today by AGENT GREEN, the Romanian National Forest Administration (Romsilva) plans to abandon four National and Natural Parks it currently manages because these areas are no longer considered economically viable. Romania shelters Europe’s Last Intact Forest Landscape in Retezat Mountains. The continent’s largest slice of virgin forest, made of ancient beech trees, is also hidden in Romania’s …

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Where does our Soya comes from?


If you are reading this then you are part of an increasing number of people buying soya products. Chances are that you could be a vegetarian that either for health or environmental reasons is considering soya as an alternative source of protein to meat. At New Environmentalist we want to …

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The London Duathlon, 11th September 2011


The New Environmentalist “Sprint” team was proud to take part in this year’s London Duathlon, in the Challenge Relay category. The London event is the world’s largest duathlon held annually in Richmond Park, south-west London, with thousands of participants. Ion started the Relay with a challenging 10km run, Ciprian then took over with two fast …

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