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It’s free to become a member of The New Environmentalist Society (NES).


Our members are the main source of feedback and vital means to achieve our goals. What we can offer in return is a range of volunteering advice and the opportunity for every member to become an advisor or a brand ambassador within NES by getting involved with either reviewing articles, taking part in social events, building our directory, contacting potential partner groups, etc. The positions we can offer within NES are directly proportionate with the time and effort each member is willing to put in.


Some of the available volunteer positions within NES:

Member – it’s up to you how much effort you put in and when
Brand Ambassador – for people who can advertise us at marches, social and sports events
* International or UK Advisor – a few hours of regular commitment required, at least on a monthly basis
Senior Advisor/Manager – in the field of your choice, regular commitment is required

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