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Environmental and Social Change (ESC)
is a group of concerned citizens based in London, who are campaigning to change the current environmental and social boundaries. They aim to stop abusive projects which can destroy the environment and the communities that depend on it. Their work so far has focused on four keys issues: mining, fracking, deforestation and social awareness.
is a Marine conservation group campaigning to change the way we think about and treat our marine environments. Founded in 2010 the group has rapidly expanded and currently has members in over 20 countries, united by a strong grass roots approach. New Environmentalist has worked with The Black Fish since 2012 at several key events in the UK.
In an effort to raise more awareness of the severe climate challenges facing us, New Environmentalist has joined the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition, the UK’s largest group of people dedicated to action on climate change and limiting its impact on the world’s poorest communities. The coalition’s combined supporter base is more than 11 million people strong and spans over 100 organisations, from environment and development charities to unions, faith, community and women’s groups.
The Low Carbon Communities Network (LCCN) was formed to link, network and support the rapidly growing movement of climate change groups that are forming at a local and community level within the UK. Their mission is to create a network of sustainable communities that offers mutual support, materials and infrastructure to make them more effective and efficient in collective action and lobbying for a low carbon future. New Environmentalist is proud to be a member of LCCN.
is a marine conservation group that is actively engaged in conservation research into Mediterranean key species and ecosystems, working with the assistance of volunteer scuba divers from all over the world. We are especially concerned about the status of Posidonia oceanica, a seagrass unique to the Mediterranean and the key to coastal biodiversity.We also work hard to raise public awareness of everyone’s direct and indirect dependence upon the oceans and about the threats facing the world if we continue to pollute and pillage the earth’s life blood, campaigning for conservation and responsible stewardship of the world’s oceans.
logonew3 The FIX UK
The Fix UK Ltd are our main sport events partner. They are passionate about sport, health & fitness and have a reputation of delivering the highest quality events and service in a wide range of sporting events. For more details on each individual run, please visit our partner’s website at: www.thefixuk.com
Apuseni Mountain Club (or Club Montan Apuseni) is an association operating in Transylvania whose purpose is to protect endangered species and to promote responsible tourism. The association aims to achieve their goals by implementing sustainable development programs in partnership with local communities and by educating the younger generations in nature conservation.
Agent Green is an environmental NGO watchdog organisation based in Romania. They are passionate about environmental conservation and unlike some NGOs, they use direct actions to achieve their goals, such as street protests and blocking of environmentally damaging projects. They have on many occasions challenged the Government on unsustainable, non-ecological projects.

Originally started as a project founded by New Environmentalist to bring together a network of local conservation groups from around the world. These groups are encouraged to increase the exchange of ideas and share their volunteer force to reach their individual goals. The project is now developing into an independent group that seeks to continue and develop the Network to its full potential.
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